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The Casino-Talk project started with a team of Canadian industry experts that decided to pool their knowledge together to create the online casino portal for Canadian players.

The idea is to review carefully-picked casinos to help you find the platform you are looking for.

Searching for the keywords “online casino” on Google yields no less than 671,000,000 results in 0.4 seconds.

Our team of analysts will help you navigate such a sea of information through well-structured reviews and specialized articles on bonuses, free spins, sportbook and much more!


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Are online casinos legal in Canada?

Industry overview


The Canadian gaming industry represents more than $15 billion and 135,000 full time jobs (Canadian Gaming Association). In the past 10 years, Canadian casinos have witnessed important changes.

The rise of online casinos has, by far, been the most drastic.
Since the late 1990’s, a wide range of online casinos have entered the market. These new platforms allow users to play anywhere, at any time.

They have also attracted a new generation of players thanks to ground-breaking bonuses. One part of our job at is to pick the casinos with the most generous bonus policy.

Specialized reviews

Are online casinos legal in Canada?

Before getting into the details, it should remain clear that gambling on online casinos is perfectly legal in Canada! It is not a criminal offense.

Most online casinos in the world are operated from locations that allow online gambling such as Cyprus, Malta or the Isle of Man. Canadian gamblers will be able to access these websites without any difficulty.

Important note: Legal does not necessarily mean safe. Our reviews and blacklist will help you differentiate safe and fair casinos from online scams.

And online gambling is becoming mainstream. Many provinces in Canada are actually offering online gaming options through their provincial lottery organizations! Why not joining the movement today?


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Specialized reviews

 Most casino review websites try to maximize their traffic by keeping their analysis as broad as possible.

This usually leads to inaccurate and sometime incorrect information. For many legal and commercial reasons, online casinos are subject to geographical restrictions.

This means that two players accessing an online casino from different part of the world will not have access to the same service.

Our experts know what they are talking about, they have been around for some time.
We understand what differentiates a good casino and an exceptional casinos.

We do not only look for the highest bonuses. This is too easy, and unfortunately what most people do.

We also analyze wagering requirements, game selection, software providers, compatibility options, payment methods… The more information you have, the better you will be able to choose.

At, we put a strong emphasis on safety.
Every player has to be careful as the internet is just filled with scam websites. This is why we have created an online casino blacklist.

This regularly updated list will name and shame dishonest online casinos that do not pay their players.

In addition, all of the online casinos we review are tried, tested, and approved by our team of analysts.

This is why has been tailored to a Canadian audience.
You can say goodbye to outdated information and bad surprises.

By reading our reviews, you can be sure that a given casino will be fully available to Canadian players.


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To sum up, yes, our project is ambitious. But with our hard work and experience, we have managed to put together the best online casino portal for Canadian players. Already quite an achievement.

By browsing through our brand reviews, you will quickly get a feel of the online casino industry as a whole. You will know what to expect from an online casino.

If you want to play anytime and anywhere with incredible welcome bonuses, join the online casino revolution today!


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